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Seasons and Time

This is how time goes:

January, May, September
The time when pups are born, the air is crisp and the sun shines down. The snow is calm and powdery, sparkeling with the brilliance of diamons. The tempreture is fair, and very easy to cope with for a wolf of Russia. 

February, June, October
During Summer there is less snow than the other seasons. You can see the ground in most areas, though some has a some snow left. The ground is mainly dirt and pebbles with snow here and there. The weather is still chilly, but warm enough for snow to be melted to a point where its lacking in most areas. Breath can still be seen. 

March, July, November
Snow falls lightly at night, and on and off during the day. The leaves are beginning to fall off trees if there were any to fall off to begin with. The tempreture begins to fall as winter nears. This is often the season females get pregnant and pups from the last season are still rapidly growing to meet winter.

April, August, December
Normal Winter- Snow falls endlessly every day but is light, and will usually clear at night to show a deep blue starry sky. Females from the breeding season are begining to show in their pregnancy and need to eat more than others to keep their pups healthy. Hunts still need to be made or there is a chance of starvation. But since the lera are hiding, hunts will be much more difficult and will require more participants. Your character may go weeks (on the game not irl) without food, and could starve to death. If your character gets injured, find medical attention immidietly. This is a very serious season, do not take it lightly.
Harsh Winter- Snow never stops falling during the day, and its very cloudy at night, the snow not ceasing to fall. There are storms often and the only food you will find is dead animals that have starved. Eat from the freshkill pile, but dont be greedy because you wont find food anywhere else and you dont want to starve. Females from the breeding season are begining to show in their pregnancy and need to eat more than others to keep their pups healthy.Only hunters are permitted to hunt (even if they are preggo), as untrained wolves going to hunt in blizzards would mean death. This is a very serious season, do not take it lightly.

There are three game years in one real year. Dont forget to age your character appropriately to the season they were born in, and message me (Lluna) when they age. It is best to know what season your character was born in, so when it comes around you know your character has aged a year.

Day time on the game is from 4am-5pm.

Night time one the game is from 5pm-4am.

(used US Pacific time. To convert to your time, if this is not your time zone, go here)


Our game time goes by Lunear Months, not Calendar Months. So things are a tad bit different here. Here is how Lunear time works:
13 Lunear Months = 1 Lunear Year
354 Lunear Days = 1 Lunear Year
4 Lunear Months = 16 weeks
1 Lunear Month = 29 Days

On the game, this is how time and aging goes:
4 Months in real life = 1 Year on the game
1 Day in real life = 3 Days on the game

Pups Aging
So remember that each real day is 3 days on the game. So when it comes to pups, the first day they are born they are one day old. But as soon as the next day in real life hits, they are 3 days older. So by the second day in real life of your pups being born, they are 4 days old on the game. Then they continue to age by 3 days each new day in real life after that.
So by 3 days in real life, they are 7 days (1 week) old on the game.
By 5 days in real life, they are 13 days old on the game, and somewhere between then and the next day they will turn 2 weeks (14 days)old, since by the next day in real life they will be 16 days old.
If you have any questions, let me know!!! I will gladly explain to the best of my ability and answer any questions you may have.

The person that plays the mother roleplays ALL the pups until they are  months old youngest (when they are weaned from their mums milk). At that point, if its ok with the mothers' roleplayer, the person that plays the father may start to play a couple of the pups. They will nagotiate who plays who, but it is ultimately the player of the Mothers choice. Have fun everyone! <3

Here is some info about wolf pups and their growing process:
New born pups weigh 1 pound on average. They are born blind, deaf, and are 100% dependent on their mother. The average litter size is 5-6 pups, however there is a Russian record that shows 17 pups so having more than 5-6 is not impossible, but the limit should be no more than 15. At 2 weeks they open their eyes, and though in real life every wolf pup is born with Blue eyes, for RP sake, feel free to have them open their eyes to their grown eye color <3. The pups stay in their birth den for two months, and will nurse off any she wolf with milk, therefore creating close ties between the pack. The den where they are kept is on high ground and is near a water source for easy access. During their time in the nursery den, the pups become independent and start exploring the outside world, but never wondering more than a yard or so away from the den. By 5 weeks old, their exploration covers a mile from the nursery den, and by 10 weeks (a little over 2 months) their features are fully developed (though they are far from finnished growing) but still dependent on their mother. At around 4 months the pups are moved out of the nursery den and into another den where the mother feels they are safe, and she starts leaving them to hunt with the rest of the pack. Its uncommon for the mothers to keep having their pups stay at the nursery, but isnt impossible. The pups in the new den will either be alone or have one or two grown wolves watching over them, often the Omegas of the pack. At around 6 months, the pups join the adult pack in their hunts and during their hunts they remain and simple spectators, never taking action, just watching how the pack hunts. However, at 8 months they are large enough to participate in the hunt with their elders. But they wont be strong or large enough to hunt on their own until they are 12 months old (1 year). At this age they are no longer concidered a pup, but a whelp. When they reach this whelp stage (1 year old) they are concidered teenagers, and begin to find other wolves attractive. They are not physically capible of reproducing until they are 2 years old, but now is when they start getting crushes and such. And when they turn 2 they are a fully matured wolf.
They will reach sexual maturity around 2-3 years old and will start becoming attracted to other wolves. Breeding Season is each Fall and they will choose a mate. Regular wolves mate for life, but some High Rankers (Deputies and Guards) arent alloud to have perminant mates, so they will hook up with a female that they beleive will make the best pups with them, then that way when they are too old to go through with their deuties they will apoint their position to one of their offspring. Wolves may only be a high rank if they are 3 years old or older.

Also see this, it will help a lot with the smaller details!

**Remember that only about half of the pups born in a litter make it to maturity, so keep that in mind when your character is having their pups! If your character has more than 3 pups, atleast 1 must die just so it is more realistic.**

Roleplay animals

Animal roleplay


These animals are NOT welcome on website as Roleplayers...... 


Cougars/Mountian Lions* **

Other Big Cats*




Humans* **

Immortals (cant die)


Winged Wolves



Unatural Hybrid (ex: bird and dog mix, etc.)


These animals ARE welcome on website as Roleplayers......





Hybrid (a mix between animals such as a wolf and fox, etc)



Other animals are/are not allowed on Shadowpack, so if your not sure about it, contact Lluna.



[* May make acceptions (ask Lluna)]

[** Only Alloud for hunting or used in a situation that is dangerous, but you may not sign up as this animal]


Your char. may not have attachments like the following-

  • multiple heads
  • multiple legs
  • wings
  • multiple ears
  • multiple eyes
  • multiple tails
  • horns or spikes of any sort of any place


You char. may have the attachments like the following-

  • multiple toes (thats just gross, though, and I dont advise it *pukes*)
  • abnormaly large ears and tails and paws are ok
  • you can have a single eye, ear, missing tail, foot, toe, etc.
  • jewelery or clothing



If you wanted to have an attachment that wasnt listed here, message Lluna to see if it is ok to put on your char.




Everyone knows the goal of roleplay is to have a young wolf to start out with, let it grow, then to find a mate and pass on the genes, all the wile trying to stay alive through the harshness that life brings allong the way.

If you decide you like a wolf, make sure that you would be willing to spend the rest of that wolves life with them before you go ga ga over them. Spend the day with them and see if you share intrests and if you get along well. After a while of getting to know eachother, ask to be mates. If they decline be respectful and leave it be. Dont go and kill your wolf over it, because a wolf in real life wouldnt do that. Also note that if they say yes, you are now mates. It isnt official, though, until you are "married" on a quarting day. You can still break up after the "marrage", or at the "I Do" part, you could decline.


If it so happens that more than one male likes a female, if she cant choose, the two males will battle it out for her until one either dies or goes into submission. The winner gets the girl.

Fighting and Hunting


If your wolf gets angry at another, it may attack. It cannot kill, though, without Lluna or Fells premission. The one being attacked has every right to fight back and defend itself. If it is a regular fight, the wolves will fight until they either loose the will to fight and cant fight from exhaustion, until one goes into submission, or until one is killed.

Be realistic while you fight. You cant slice someone open with one swipe of your claws. Remember that wolves have dull nails that take a while to rip through skin. Also note that wolves teeth arent their weapon. Their bite pressure is. So just from biting, you cant do allot of damage to the other, you have to clamp down, lock your jaw, rip at them, do as you must. Be descriptive. Say when you taste blood or if your tail is wagging or tucked or if your wimpering or howling in pain, or if you are snarling or growling to the other as you attack or in trioumph.

The punishment to the looser depends on the reason for the fight. Mail Lluna with questions about punishment. Dont make up your own.

Remember- it is ok to loose a fight! It doesnt make you a worse wolf than the other! Try to rebuild your confidence and build your pride, then try harder next time. Anyone can loose. Anyone can win.

Fighting for Dominance-

Fighting and Fighting for dominance are slightly different. Even though the rules are basically the same, the punishments are different. And the options.

If you decide to challange a high-ranker (Alpha, Beta, Deputy), for example Alpha, you dont just attack, you go up to them and ask them, "I challange you for position of Alpha" At that moment the high-ranker (in this case alpha) will make a desicion. They can either accept and fight, decline and let the other take their position, or refuse to fight or give up position. This (the last choise) will result in a fight, and if you refuse to fight, you will die but not be thrown to a low rank, and will die with pride. If you refuse to fight, and the challanger refuses to kill you, things go back to normal and the origional alpha stays in position, as does the challanger.

If you are at a certian rank such as "Lead ___" or Alpha, and you dont rp for 1 month, even if you have an excuse, you lose the rank.

A wolf that is not in your pack cannot challange you for any rank. If a wolf is pregnant, you may not challange it and it may not challange you. A wolf must be 3 years old to challange another for a rank, as a wolf must be atleast 3 to hold a highly appointed rank.


Several ways to show dominance without fighting include...

  • Grabbing hold of the neck, or the scruff of the other wolf thats lower in rank with your muzzle
  • Biting softly on the top of the wolfs (thats lower in rank then you) muzzle with your muzzle
  • Raising your tail to the wolf lower in rank


Several ways to show your submission to another wolf higher in rank include...

  • Tucking your tail
  • Bowing
  • Calling a wolf with their position infront of their name (ex: Alpha Lupin, Beta Lupin, Deputy Lupin, etc)
  • Ears going back with a low head
  • Rolling onto your back, tail tucked
  • Positioning your body low to the ground, tail low


Note that while hunting you must be realsitic. You may not find food at all during your hunt, or you may not be able to catch any lera. Be realistic.

A single wolf cannot take down any herd animal (even if it isnt in a herd at all) such as deer, elk, buffalo, etc. alone. You have to have alteast 2 wolves to take down a herd animal. You can fish alone, even if you are a pup.

If you fail to find anything to eat, you can scavange. Note that if you find a carcass that a grizzly bear or mountian lion/cougar is eating from, you can try to scare off the other animal, but not alone. It will take atleast 3+ wolves to scare off any large animal from its prey. If it is a simple dingo, fox, or wild cat, then you can scare them off with only yourself. Anything biger than you you will need atleast 3 wolves, though.

If you want, you can make it so that you loose interest in whatever your hunting or trying to scare off, and can realistically go away, since it takes allot of nerve and presistance to scare off animals larger than you.

If you are hunting large lera such as Ox or Buffalo, go after the young, not the full-grown. The young wont put up much of a fight, wheras the full-grown can be deadly. Hunt in a pack and select out wich one you want to go after before you take any action.

Wolverine, despite their size, are a large threat to wolves. They can steal a carcass from you unless you have 3 or more wolves present. You can hunt wolverine if you want, but badger tastes better. You can hunt badger by yourself, or you can hunt wolverine but you must have atleast 3 wolves (and theres not alot of meat to go around).

If you decide to hunt full-grown then you should go after the weak, old or injured. Never go after the younger full-grown that are at their strength-peak. That can end badly for your char.

If you have any questions, message Lluna.


Note that all wolves that reach the age of about 8-13 should die naturly. Know that wolves usually pass on their genes around age 2-3 and after age 3 they are full grown, and will not grow more after that.

The older your wolf gets, the weaker it becomes. Once an alpha or high-ranker such as Beta or Deputy reaches the age of 5-8 it should choose a successor to go in its place. This could include your wolves young (children), a dear friend, or whatever you wish.

It is ok if one of your char. dies, you can just play as its young (children) or you could even make a new char. Note that there are no super-wolves.

Everything can die. No God-Moding is alloud, nor is importaility, so everything can die.



Since our RP is a realistic one, NO POWERS ARE ALLOUD!
A few wolves weild the sight and 2 of them have a human forms, but NO MORE ARE ALLOUD TO (unless they are those wolves children ofcoarse)!


Can my wolf get raped? Can my wolf Rape?

  • Sadly, yes, it is possible. If you are not attended by another or your alpha, a lone wolf (not a pack wolf!!!) can come along and inpregnate you even if you dont want it, unless you have a mate. If your in this situation that happens allot with wolves in real life, try to run to the alpha or someone that can protect you. Try not to go to the kerl wolves, SP forest, or SP river alone.
  • If you are 1 year old or up, you are in danger of being able to get raped.
  • You can only rape if you are a SINGLE male that doesnt belong to a pack.
  • You can NOT rape anyone that has a mate!
  • You can NOT rape anyone that is pregnant or already has pups they are tending to, even if they are single.
  • You can NOT rape if you have a mate!
  • Unless your in heat, you can NOT get pregnant.
  • You must be atleast 2 years old to rape another.
  • If you have a son and you are a female, your son can NOT rape you. If you have a daughter and you are a male, you can rape her (dont know why you would want to).
  • You can not rape a sister or anyone related to you from bloodline accept if its your daughter.

Can my pup or myself get killed? Can I kill others?

  • Yes. You can die from elements or murder. You only have the ability to kill a pack member that is lower rank than you, even without the roleplayers concent, but it MUST be for a good reason, and you may be punished by the Alpha for it. Whelps and Pups are NOT permited to be harmed or killed by adults in the pack, and the adults WILL be punished.
  • Note that if you are below 2 years old you are not strong enough to kill a full-grown wolf or anything alone for that matter. (accept for bugs and bunny, badger, etc. Just not wolves, elk, bear, or buffalo... anything like that)

Can I steal a wolf from an opposing pack?

  • Yes, and you can be any rank, but you have to be a male stealing a female. You can steal a wolf from another pack just as long as they are the same rank or lower than your rank. You can only steal them if you are a male stealing a female, or stealing pups.
    • if you stealing pups you can be a male or female of any rank. If you are alone, you can only steal one pup at a time. If you have more than one wolf, you may steal one pup per wolf. That is why mothers should always be with thir pups.
    • If the mother or father is with their pups, no matter how manny wolves you have with you, you cannot steal the pups.
  •  You can only steal the she-wolf if they are alone. If they have more than one wolf around them, you will need one more with you. For example, if she is hanging out with her friend (therefore there are two wolves), you will need to be with two other wolves so that you over-power them by one.

What happens if I get stolen?

  • If you are a pup you cant do anything about it.
  • If you are a shewolf, and you are getting stolen by a hewolf, you can either go willngly or try to escape. If they have you outnumbered by one and there is no one around to save you, you have to go with them or die. If it is one on one you can try to fight back, call for help, or go.
  • If you get stolen, think of it as flatery. Because usually the hewolf stealing you wishes to court you, meaning you are suitible for him. Beautiful, strong, and cunning.
  • If you go along willingly, you are then loyal to that pack and have to stay unless you are stolen back.

Message Lluna if you have a qestion that you want posted.


 These videos will help you understand how to fight and roleplay realistically.









Fight: wolf vs cougar and cougar vs bears (never fight a cougar alone!)-