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 Sunday, November 6, 2011-   Kara has gone missing, and may be dead or alive. The night previous she was mauled by a bear. Kistu saught her and howled for help, but when Kiba arrived he was gone. Kiba, seing Kara was close to death, lay with her. He awoke to her gone. If you see her, report immedietly to him.

Friday, January 22, 2010 -   I put up some wolves under Shadowpack. (Remember; if you dont RP atleast once a week for a month, your player wil be taken off the Shadowpack page, and will NOT be added on ever again!) Here are the wolves I put up... Sheila Dawn, Sindo, Jasper, Blythe, and a few others.

Friday, January 22, 2010 -   I am deciding on weather or not to make a new Website for our neighboring pack, Scar pack (led by Scar, roleplayed by me), as they are now our allies. Everyone that has a player here is more than welcome to have one/make one at Scar pack (together we will be one unit, called the Balkar). Please post under Ratings your thoughts on this. I think it would be a good idea.  So yeah...

Friday, January 23, 2010-   Lluna now has a mate, Ryker. As of today they, and a few other wolves (Midnight and Jasper; Kizze and Sindo) have officially become mates! Its not to late to quart your mate, though, so hurry up and talk to Lluna!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010-   We are allies with Pack of Flames! Treat them kindly!

Thursday, January 28, 2010-   It is Spring! The prey animals are coming out graduly and it is slowly warming up; just as the snow is finally melting slowly. Enjoy the weather! Also I just recently made a Thunderpack section. Enjoy. I also made a section for Scarpack that is in construction, but usable. It is to be used by Scarpack members only; same as TP members only use TP section; unless you are invited in. If you are a member of SP or TP and want to be part of Scarpack, make a new wolf for it. The Shadowpack prision is now located by the Alpha den in the alphas den section.

Friday, January 29, 2010-   We have a new poll. Check it out and leave comments.

Saturday, August 07, 2010-   Attacked by humans and their doggs.


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  Friday, January 22, 2010 -   Starfire may be attacked by members of her old pack, Thunderpack, at any moment, so keep your eyes peeled for her! We will protect her like family, because our pack is a family! Also; a wolf named Lidie from Thunderpack is on our side... dont kill her.



Stories Lluna was told when she was a pup. ((Wolfbane is like the wolf Devil. Fernis is the hewolf god that made Earth. Tor is his mate, and Sita is their only child, a girl. Based of the book The Sight by David Clement-Davies))


 So Fernis was watching his kingdom, Earth, one day when his mate Tor came with her daughter Sita at her side. The family watched together at the wolves hostility to eachother, and their greed. Tor watched as they almost wiped out the oher lera that they had created, including the hooved animals, the birds, and the ones of the water... Tor and Sita were disgusted... Feris decided to make a test for the woves of Earth... He would send his only daughter, Sita, down to Earth. If they showed her hostility, he would create another among them... another Lera. Tor pleaded for Fernis to not, but Sita agreed and she was sent to Earth. The wolves took her for granted and the two spiritual wolves Tor and Fernis watched as they killed her brutally. Fernis resurected her and out of the sand and trees and dust of the earth he created, he made man. Tor, with rage from what they had done to Sita -whom was now back with her parrents- gave this new lera not claws nor sharp teeth or a tail; but great knawlage. This new Lera, man, equaled out the populaton of wolves and cept them in check..



(name and some events copywright to the book The Sight and Fell)

This conversation was held between Dare and Mistreated in Scarpack 2/13/2010

Dare: My battery is dying so don't be suprised if I don't respnd *Sighs deeply and gets up to stretch and watches the clouds roll by then turned to her* " What happened to him?,"he quiestioned suddenly getting unusually curious*

 Mistreated: Fell? Oh... He is alive. Very much so. When he was young his mate died, so he took her to the Red Medow -a place only wolves with the sight can go if they use the summoning howl. It is where the Searchers roam- and weaped over her. There he found the Searcher pack. (if you touch them you can go mad, blind, or deaf, or even die slowly) They are in the form of your loved ones that have died... realistic things of memories. He found their leader, Blanca, his grandmother Llunas sister whom Lluna killed infront of him. He ofered her some meat and she told him all about what the place was and what happened to him... There he found Seth. Seth the crow (same thing as a raven) also clearafied things for him. Lluna, having the power of the Sight, and Vlad -Fells father- also having the sight used the summoning howl to bring him back. He came back changed... more powerful.. at first when he would hunt he would see through the eyes of the lera he was catching, and would feel its pain as it died by him. He had a horrible life... but that soon went away as he grew older and could use the power more. He is so powerful now that he can even use the sight to hurt others without even touching them. *shuddered* Wolfbane lives deep in his soul...
Ancient tellings say of Fells ancestors with black pelts teaming up with a large crow to cause terror to others. Fell is unstopable.

Members Stories

Told by Black Ice of Shadowpack

 Six Stone Legend
6 Stone Legend Blue and Black Ice sat together eagarly hoping thier mother would tell them another story before they went to bed. Thier mother, Midnight Ski, padded in along with their dad, Red Moon. "Tell us the story!" Blue cried. "Alright, Alright," she chuckled and laid down. "Long ago when the earth was new, six stones with magical powers were cast by the spiritual wolves. Torin was fire. Rayne was water. Rinji was darkness. Tera was light. Farra was wind." "And Tanora was Earth!" Blue interrupted. She heard this story so many times. "Yes, Tanora was Earth. They gave up thier powers and sealed them in thier individual stones. Tonara was known as the stone Emerald. Toran's was known as Ruby. Rayne's was known as Aquamarine. Tera's was know as Diamond. Farra's was known as Topaz. Rinji was forced to give up his stone only to protect his daughter that was dying, knowing only Tera could help her. Rinji's was know as Onyx. They sent the stones to the world, not knowing that thier spirit went with it. The stones seperated and traveled to unknown places. Ruby to the north. Onyx to the west. Diamond to the south. Aquamarine to the east and Emerald to the northwest. Topaz wen to the southwest." She eyed Black Ice's curious glance. "How would you find them?" Black Ice asked. "Yeah, Momma! How would you?" Blue asked, her patience was thinning. Red Moon chuckled slightly," You better tell them, Midnight." She smiled and continued," Ruby lays in the fire where the leaves are burnt. Aquamarine lays where the waves are calm and the shore is soft. Onyx lays in the darkest of all caves. Emerald in the forest where the light shines through all year round. Diamond lays where the snow falls and its winter all year. Topaz lays where the earth is still and under the dirt that surrounds it. If they were found in good hands or bad,the spirits could become free and help whatever wolf found it. Only when the stones were together, are they to help one wolf who found that stone. The stones are lost and were never recovered. Rinji's daughter became healthy and gave up her spiritual life to come to earth and find the stones so she could finally see her dad after all the time she recovered. She died without finding one stone." Black Ice saw a tear combed down her mother's face, like she knew who the wolf was. Blue yawned and past out next to her dad. Black Ice vowed to himself he and his sister would find the stones and set them free.
Told By Topaz
Gempack Tradition
A long time ago at the begining of Earth, 7 wolf including a a large one had appeared and they spoke to average wolves, & of the smaller wolves had emeralds imprinted on them only they werent green except for the large wolf, the largest wolf told the pack leader of the pack that these were Sunset emeralds they were really powerful so the largest wolf made the emeralds on all the wolves become real including her's she gave them to the pack and told the pack leader to take good care of them she also told them that to every pup born form t he alpha female/male were to be given the item that their name was this included grandchildren these pups between the age 6 months and 1 year were to be givin their necklace, thses wolves wielded special powers and whoever was next in line to be alpha female/male got to take care of the Sunset Emeralds so therefor the pack was called GemPack

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