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Lluna (aka Jay/Kayla)
Site Owner
About Me

Karas Second Litter! <3

I play as ...
MALES: Kistu, Tratoo, Blythe, Kipser, Ice, Theiver, Ardeth, Zane, Owen, Kayne, Rayner, Keme, Dantos, Denalli, Luka, Adolf

FEMALES: Midnight, Shelia Dawn (Dawn)  , Delayne , Moarte , Atzume , Natza, Daedra, Isla, Pidgeon, AvelaHawk, ShadowVixan

Tazi (with her pups Dazan and Toka)
Vladeem (Fell) here , here, 

Deceased Characters...

Lluna, JDude, Khalla, Destiny, Kazzan, Toma, Kino, Kaya, Trixie, Angel, Natza, Jinn, Kara, Trapt, Jaro, Kamats, Thane, Samael, Jay.

About Me

Young small pup is a runt with silvery eyes and grey fur with brownish ears and white underfur and black tip on tail shy timid but if provoked can be a little vicious

About Me

It's bramble. :P

About Me

Im 13 years old i live in the country and I LOVE cats wolves and horses oh and my pic that was midnight storm

28 years old
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30 years old
About Me

Hello..... >:3 XD

24 years old
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Wolf's Name: scarlet


Name on Wolf Quest: moon123456789


Wolves eye color: gold


fur color: black


additional stuff on your wolf: Nothing


wolf's age: 2 years


wolf's gender: femele 


mate: none


pups: None


Rank: idk

description: I am really aggressive, i am very fast and strong i was abandoned by my mother when i was young i survived i am a beautiful wolf i may be aggressive but i got a kind side i will fight till the death for my pack

20 years old
About Me

I am a 13 year old and I have been a witch for a year and become very powerful witch since then.I am part werewolf,vampire, and angel.

About Me

Knight is a strong she-wolf. Her parent never cared about her nor her brother. She we ment to be alpha in her pack but instead her brother got jelous and tried to kill her. Her father sent her out as an outcast at 9 months old. She was taught by the willd to fight and hunt. When she was one she was captured by the humans who she is now collared down. In her past 2 years she has disappearded without her pack even knowing. For her third yeah she has returned and is willing to fill in her absents. She will fight to death no matter what and she will not tolarate any disreaspect from any rank below her. If she is pushed around she will turn around and snapp at you ,she many even try to break a bone from your body. Knight's radio collar stands out from her because of her white,black,and brown pelt. Even her blue crystal eyes stand out.

Isabelle Lakanu
21 years old
About Me

Isabelle Lakanu is a nice and friendly wolf. She loves to play and is still learing her way ;) She's 8 years old and has a lot to learn before she's ready to do anything :) I hope I have fun here! 

20 years old
About Me

22 years old
About Me

As of now I will no longer be known as Rue. My name is Takoda, as a boy's name is of Sioux origin, and the meaning of Takoda is "friend to everyone". Which is very true for me. I originate from the Baffin Islands a very cold place. My fur is thick and perfect for that region. My breed is of the smallest of wolf breeds but do not under estimate my power.

Name: Kesar

Gender: Male

Age: 3


Description: Kesar is a massive male with dark coloration. He is strong, fast, and surprisingly agile for his size.

History: Born to Chivra(mother) and Adaku(father), Kesar was their only child. He was raised in a loving family but always question their alpha's authority. His parents tried their best to keep him safe but Kesar was strong willed and wouldn't take orders from anyone. He grew to hate any one who had authority over him including his parents though they tried their best to love and support him even while beinmg resented. His heart grew cold the further he seperated himself. He was so cold infact that when a young pup tried playing with him he cared not that it died under him as he had smothered it by laying on it to make it stop. The alpha would not accept this so he banished Kesar but Kesar wouldn't listen and attacked the alpha. His parents did everything they could to stop the fighting but in the end Kesar killed them but was defeated by the alpha so he left swearing he would return with a pack of his own to destroy his former alpha.

Personality: cold, aggressive, sex driven, dominant, resentful, his only weakness is females while he may have killed his mother he had never intended to infact he loved her very much if ever he had a mate he wuld love her to the end (so long she doesnt order him around)

Name: Kelcie Lou

Gender: Female



Description: Kelcie is a relatively young german shepard/husky/wolf mix

History: Born to be used for war only problem was her hard head! despite how much she tried to please them she never could be trained so they sent her away only to have the plane carrying her crash. she escaped with her life and with every skill she could muster from training she lived on her own till she met Kesar with his band of "outlaws". They welcomed her and fed her so she stayed becoming a friend to Kesar. On the other hand she also had a half-sister Elia who had a harder head than Kelcie and was much more aggressive. Elia eventually found a mate, Nero, who took her with him to his pack. She occasionally visits her sister but never enjoys the viscious lifestyle they live there so she never stays long. But when she returns to Kesar he always takes care of her. She has always seen Kesar as a brother.

Personality: head strong, loyal, playful, can be shy about her past, loving, clumsy, protective of Kesar

Name: Misled

Gender: Male





Personality: niave, strong willed, arrogant (no one can say he did wrong lol!!)

Name: Shiva

Gender: Female






Name: Zemboka

Gender: Female





Personality: grumpy, sarcastic, loyal, motherly, perseptive, persistent

Leora (Sonic)
20 years old
About Me



The flaming mane of Skyclan

"A good cat will do anything for those he cares about"



Name ;; Lionroar|| Formerly ;; Lionkit, Lionpaw


Rank ;; Warrior || Formerly ;; Kit, Apprentice


Clan ;; Skyclan || Former Allegiance ;; Thunderclan


Mentor ;; Graydove(Past)

Mate ;; N/A

Past-Mate(s) ;; Maya

Soul Mate ;; N/A

Crush ;; Skyhawk


Age ;; 12 Moons

 Gender ;; Male/Tom

 Apprentice ;; None || Future ;; None

Past ;;



Offspring ;; Flutterbird (Maya)

Siblings ;; Softwillow and Featherfall (Sisters), Silcone (Kittypet brother)

Parents ;; Thunderstrike(Father)&Whiteface(Mother)

Grand-parents ;; Brokenjay(Grand-dad)&Robinwillow(Grandma), Claw&Feather


 Description ;; With the sleak silver pelt of a Riverclanner, long legs of a Windclanner, hard paw pads of a Skyclanner, long claws of a Shadowclanner, Acute eyes of a Thunderclanner and the thinking ability of a loner, Lionroar makes an intresting warrior of Skyclan. A large golden tabby tom with green eyes.



Personality ;; A rather friendly tom. He often thinks of himself as a monster and has his own code of chivalry. As a kit, he was friendly and playful, often times then not, gettng into trouble. As an apprentice, he was hardworking, loyal, trustworthy. Now as a soon to be warrior he, is trustworthy, hard working, loyal, fercie in battle, quiet and extremly couragous.


 Major Scars ;;

Health Status ;; Healthy







Spy Sms Software |
47 years old
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Drew Riley
27 years old
About Me

My name is Drew Riley. I am a werewolf. But I'm not a normal werewolf. You'll find out later, trust me.

About Me

*Queen Kiddu*

The shits

more: here

  • Name: Kallik
  • Gender: Male
  • Rank: Runner
  • Mate: None
  • Offspring: None
  • Description: Kallik is rather stand-offish and abrassive. He tends to be rude at best and doesn't have the most ideal personality, causing him to create more foes than friends. Aside from that he has terrible motivational skills and would rather lounge around than put effort into anything. However, once he does get going he has a strong sense of determination and can be a lot tougher than he looks. While despite his tendency to brush off most things as unimportant a ,he is extremely intelligent and knows when the moment calls to be serious however his only weak point tends to fall on social interactions in which case he just goes on instict(again which tends to end in gaining him enemies than desired)
  • Kallik is rather smaller than most males, not much larger than Mikasa who is a small enough wolf as it is. Due to his rather short size, he has developed a sort of napoleon complex that causes him to get extremely defensive when his height is mentioned. While not entirely bloodthirsty, he does like to get into fights seeing as he has been in many much throughout his like. Much like Makisa, he uses his agility and speed rather than strength in combat. 
  • Due to the loss of their pack as young pups, Kallik has a strong sense of fierce protection over Mikasa seeing as he almost lost her once in a past incident he tends not to look back on. While they do have a firm rivalry brewing between them,it doesn't tend to get in the way of their obvious affection and trust for the other. They both have rather loose social skills and tend to rely on the other the most, mostly seen hanging around the other. He acts as a sort of big bigger brother to the younger she-wolf along with the playful teasing and prodding.

  • Name: Mikasa
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: Hunter
  • Mate: None
  • Offsrping: None
  • Description: A small and petite she-wolf whose intelligence and speed make up for strength lost and is more of a brains over brawn type. She has varying degrees of brown colored fur and her eyes are a pure light blue. Her expression is usually set into a stern and calm stature making her seem a bit unnaporoachable. While she prefers to surround herself in the least amount of wolves as possible, she can warm up to others if given some persuasion to do so. Despite her and Kallik's obvious rivalry and often shared snide remarks, Mikasa cares deeply for him as a companion and the two are seldom seen without the other outside of a three mile radius. 
  • Mikasa is extremely loyal,even to a fault. Her relations with other wolves are seldom beyond simple aquaintances but when she has found someone to rely on, her trust in them may become a bit naive, tending to stick by them and in cases even hover over them. Her fierce determination to protect those she respects and trusts often times causes others to become frusterated with her(what with her constant hovering)and is one of the reasons why she tends to hesitate in whom she puts her trust in.
  •  Despite being very loyal and level-headed most of the time, Mikasa's only weak point is with pups in which she becomes rather clusmy in dealing with them. She doesn't exactly plan on having a mate let alone pups, instead focusing her time and energy protecting her pack.


Aiyana & more
23 years old
About Me

New try to be as active as i can


Gender: Female

Age: 3

description: Aiyana is a pure white husky/wolf with violet-blue eyes.

Personality: She can be hyper at times but is mostly calm and relaxed, in a moment of danger she can be quite hand as she is a skillfull fight and hunter.

History: Aiyana's mother was actually a husky her father a lone wolf. She grew up amoung humans, not finding them much of a threat but when her half sister Celeste was beaten with a stick by a human boy she attacked. But because of that choice she was chased out along with her half-sister


Gender: Female

Age: 2 and a half

Description: Celeste looks more like her husky mother then her wolf father, she is black and white with the ususal husky markings and she has bright blue eyes.

Personality: She loves to play, and is quite hyper, sometimes having a hard time taking things serious, but when she does she pays full attention to others.

History: Like Aiyana Celeste is hlaf wolf half husky, same mother different fathers. A young boy suddenly attacked her one day beating her with a stick but was saved by her sister Aiyana. Though was chased out of her human home.

About Me

Taia: Black, cunning shewolf with unusually bright yellow eyes and long teeth. Comes from a family of lone wolves, but she left her own family after her sister murdered her mother out of jealousy. She tends to be rude and can snap at you if you get her angry. She likes to hunt, desperately looking for a mate, and one who won't be drooling over her paws. One long red scar across one eye, earned by fighting her sister. Slender shape, long body and long legs, 2 years old and seeming to want to grow up.

Me, myself: I like writing, RP-ing, playing laser tag, dancing, singing, volleyball, gaming, and being with my family. :P

About Me
Im a grey wolf. 
  • Good
  • Brave
  • Strong
  • Fast
  • Quiet

23 years old
About Me

:Dim a pure white wolf with ice cold white eyes.  my name is rain and im looking for a mate my them song is she wolf because im very passionet.


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