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Our Pack


Our pack is a wolf pack that takes pride in being a strong, bonded family. We are NOT a killing pack, and like to keep the peace, but will fight if prevoked, as it is only in a wolfs nature to defend ourselves. If a member goes out killing and causing mayhem, they are deserted by the pack and banished, not alloud back in EVER under ANY circumstance. A lot of the wolves in this pack are often brothers and sisters, as Shadowpack highly encourages mates to breed and produce offspring, 1 litter each game year. The litters are often small, consisting of 1-3 puppies each year from mates. Shadowpack also has wolves called breeding wolves, where they dont have mates but want children, so they pair up with another wolf to have a litter of pups but arent mates, though if they fall in love they may later become mates. Breeding wolves are uncommon, but alloud. Something also less common, but alloud, is fostering another wolves pup(s). Since mates breed each year, there is often an abundance of pups and since some wolves arent mated, they often long for children. It is the parents decision to do so or not, but pups may be fostered out to another wolf or wolf pair to take care of. Maybe a pair of mates had a litter but they were all born stillborn, dead. They may accept pup(s) from another pair of wolves, or several pair of wolves, but only if it is okay with the pups real parents. Very select fiew have human forms, and those that do are NOT permitted to show that form ANYWHERE on this site, though you are more than welcome to show that side on other websites as long as their rules allow it. If you turn into a human on this website I will deleate your membership. If you want to have a human form you have to ask me through PM, and I have to give the OK.

Shadowpack is a very peaceful pack, quite friendly. And for this reason, you dont have to ask to join the pack, but you do need to ask the lead alpha to verify your position in the pack (warrior, hunter, etc). If you are less than 1 year old, you are automatically a pup. If you are 1 year old, and not yet 2, you are a whelp but concidered an apprentice (your age group is whelp but your position in the pack is apprentice). You will be taught your part in the pack at this age. If you are 2-7 years old but not yet 8, you are an adult. If you are 8+ years old, you are automatically an elder. Wolves are sexually mature at 2 years old, but are full grown around 3 years old. The history of Shadowpack goes way back when Lluna first became alpha. After the pack was rebuilt and growing in numbers, it moved to a different location... Russia, since Lluna loved the snow. Lluna held onto her position of alpha with pride, up until the moment she died. Infact, only moments before her death, she appointed the new alpha. Her closest friend, Starfire was the new alpha. A fight with a much younger she wolf caused paralysis in both of Starfires hind legs, and she was retired from her deuties as alpha to become an elder. Starfire passed on the position of alpha to her close friend, Darkestshadow. Darkestshadow later mated Llunas Great Grandson Fathom.

Now, welcome to the pack. Find your place in it and pass on your genes.



You are alloud up to 4 adult pictures (the pictures must match up to the best of your ability marking and color wise). These can be headshots or full body, and a picture of another wolf used to reference to its eyes is alloud aswell, and will count as one of the 4 pics.

For the pictures, they will only be listed above your character info if they are either drawn by you,  drawn FOR you, or a picture of a real wolf. Photo manipulations are fine to use so long as they are for pupblic use (a downloadable wallpaper, for example), or if you did it. Do not take credit for others work. If you drew it or it was drawn for you, you need proof. I need to see the picture posted on on DeviantArt saying you drew it or it was drawn for you. If you dont have a DA account, then you need to use a different picture because there is no proof you drew it, colored or that it was drawn for you. If you do not have a picture that matches these requirements, I will find one for you to use until you can find one that matches the requirements.

Unrealisticly colored characters arent alloud, but unrealistic markings are permitted, even ones that are unrealisticly colored. Unrealistic eyes and/or nails and/or teeth are alloud. Nothing spastic and random, though please. And keep the unrealisticness level on minimum.

When you make a character that has a bg (background), a personality, picture, name, gender, and age, PM me with all information and a link to the picture so I can post it. If you dont have a verafiable rank, you will be placed in the Adults section (unless you are not of age or are older). To verify you have another rank, whomever appointed you said rank must PM me informing me of your characters rank. Make sure they have the authority to make you that rank, though, or I will not approve it.

If you find a problem with one of these pictures, or there is a mistake, PM me, Lluna. Thank you.

Ranks (in order of supremicy)


 Red means that rank is taken, Green means that rank is open and you may join the pack under this rank, Blue means that you must ask my permission to become that rank before you are one (you cant join as this rank).

**Wolves must be atleast 3 years old to be the ranks that are underlined**



Prima (another, more common term for Secondary Alpha)


Assassins (another, more common term for Lead Guards)

Centuri (another, more common term for Lead Hunters), Medic (another, more common term for Lead Healer


Elders, Gammas

Hunters, Healers

Subbordinates, Runners



Whelps, Pups

There is no such rank as "warrior" here, since everyone is one. When there is a battle, the whole pack joins together to fight. We dont need a rank for that. However, the most skilled fighters in the pack are ranked as Guards. There are concequences to that rank, however.

There is ONE leader of the pack, the alpha. S/he is not always the strongest, smartest, nor the wisest, but is always the most respected and obeyed in the pack. A good, healthy alpha will be strong, smart, and wise, and the more so they are, the more respected and known the become. No matter, whatever the Alpha says goes without question. No exceptions. The alpha doesnt really go around socalizing with middle and low class wolves. Company of close friends is always wanted, though, because sometimes the company of the Imperator isnt enough. When the Alpha touches you, you feel good inside. You feel full of energy and life and pride. When breeding season comes, if the Alpha is female: Her scent is the strongest, and all of the males immedietly turn her way and become aroused physically, their Sheaths hardening and their scrotum tightning. If the Alpha is male: He is most dominant of the males. He is always tense and the other males continue to submit to him even though they are crazy with the want to claim every female. This is simply instinct.
Whenever answering a question the alpha asks you, say Yes, Alpha or No, Alpha. And when following an order, say Yes, Alpha. You do not call the alpha by his/her name unless you are the Imperator or Prima. Otherwise, you always call them Alpha. 
If the Alpha has a mate, S/he and the Prima will mate every year. Otherwise, the Alpha does not mate.

The imerator is the wolf in the pack that is closest to the Alpha. they are also known as their second, and are very dominant over the other pack members, they are the most loyal to the Alpha and are feircly protective of him/her.
Whenever answering a question the alpha asks you, say Yes, Alpha or No Alpha. And when following an order, say Yes, Imerator. It is okay to call the Imperator by his/her name, but if you want to show respect, you will call him/her Imperator.
The Imperator is often unmated, as their #1 deuty is to the Alpha. In the rare ocasion that the Imperator does become mated, its mate does not become an Imperator, and they will only mate once.

The Prima is the wolf that is mated to the Alpha. There isnt always a Prima, but when there is, s/he is not as highly ranked as the Alpha, but s/he is still among the top of the ranking list.
Whenever answering a question the Prima asks you, say Yes, Prima or No, Prima. You do not call the Prima by his/her name unless you are the Alpha or Imerator. Otherwise, you always call them Prima.
The Prima and Alpha will mate every year.

The Protector isnt exactly what his/her name implies. S/he does not protect the pack from outside threats- that is the Guards job. The Protector is a wolf that is from Llunas line. S/he must be the purest of heart out of her decendents and typically stays away from the pack, only showing him/herself to wolves of either very high rank or of Llunas line. The Protector is a direct link between Lluna and her family, Lluna lives on through this wolf and this way, she keeps connected with her living family without having to leave the spirit world. The Protector often lives an incredibly long time, and glows softly while under Llunas influence.
The Protector will choose a mate and they will have one litter of pups. After the pups are adults, the Protector will then leave its mate and resume to the shadows.

There are 3 Lead Guards- one for each group. They are highly aggresive, but the perfect Lead Guard will have a lot of self control over their anger. The Lead Guards have the job of leading the Guards in their scouts, and protecting their Group aswell as keeping threats out of the pack.
Lead Guards do not mate, but they are alloud to. They just choose to not mate, since it gets in the way of their emotions. However, if they do, it is with another Guard or a Gamma, and they only have one litter.

The Lead Hunters regulate their groups hunting activity, and provide the tactics for hunting aswell as leading the hunt. Lead Hunters must be actively roleplayed, and if they remotely arent active, they will be demoted from their deuties. If the Lead Hunter isnt around, their group wont hunt. And if their group wont hunt, Shadowpackers wont eat. Being a Lead Hunter is a tremendously important task.

This wolf is the most skilled Healer in the pack.

Guards are the scouts of the pack. They are the strongest, most skilled fighters in the pack, and its their job to make sure no intruders or threats get in. They are never seen amungst the pack members unless they run into them while they are hunting and the Guards are scouting or something along those lines. Guards do not hunt for themselves, they go to the Freshkill pile and eat from there since they dont have time to hunt. They are split up into groups since the territory is so vast, that way they cover more ground and make better time. They never rest and are always on the move. When one gets tired it will travel to the Guard den and sleep while the rest of its group continues the scout. It will then locate its group through various howling calls, and will resume its deuty. Guards must put away all emotion and only concentrate on their job. Their rank is very strict about emotion. The perfect Guard will be an emotionless, but NOT thoughtless killer. It is loyal to the extreme to its Lead Guard and Alpha, and an exsquisite listener. It must be alert and always ready for anything aswell as willing to be injured or killed for the safety of its pack. When enamy packs launch their attacks, the Guards are the first line of defence, and must be ready for whatever they run into.
Since Guards are always scouting, the only time you must RP your Guard Character is when there is a threat, intruder, they are resting in the Guard den, or if they are called upon by a high ranker. Guards do not laze about the camp grounds, they are always moving, and so since no one ever sees them, you dont have to be active with them until something comes up.
Guards are only alloud to be mates with other Guards and Gammas. No if, ands, or buts. The few strongest out of the litter will then carry on the Guard deuties for its parents when they retire.

Elders are the wolves in the pack that are 8 years old or older. They no longer take part in hunts and retire from their deuties. Since they cannot hunt for themseleves, Their Offspring or Deltas bring them food.

In this pack, Gammas are simply high ranking wolves. For whatever reason, they were chosen as a higher class Subbordinate, basically. You can acheive this rank if you are an active Subbordinate that shows deep respect and loyalty to the alpha. If you are chosen as a Gamma, you are shown more respect than you were when you were a Subbordinate.

The pride of Shadowpack! This pack is known for its skillfull hunters, and takes much pride in them. They are the best in Russia at what they do- working together to provide food for the pack. They are split up into 3 groups, each lead by a single leader. When they hunt with their group, this is called a GROUP HUNT. Sometimes, they will all mesh together and hunt as one, lead by the alpha. This is called a PACK HUNT. Dont get those two mixed up Hunters hunt on their own to catch small lera for the pack and sometimes work with other wolves in their groups to hunt, but they strictly only hunt with others in the same group as them. This keeps the groups close and connects them as an individual hunting pack.

Healers are responsable for taking care of the unhealthy and the injured of the pack. They should be kind and gentle, with a firm attitude to control any angry patient. They make sure everyone stays healthy.

Just regular pack members. They do not hunt for the pack like the hunters, heal for the pack like the healers, etc. However, they may hunt small lera for themselves if they are hungry, such as rabbits and mice. They dont serve much purpose for the pack, they simply hold no job in the pack but they do help out if needed unless the task requires a certian skill that they dont have such as healing. They breed and eat and poop, basically :)

This is another less populated rank, maybe of 5 wolves or so. Runners are built small and thin, genetically engineered to run long distances. They should have a long body with more leg height than body height. Their job is to relay messages from the Alpha to other packs- be them Allies or Enamies. Runners should be respectful to all others, and hold a superb memory to relay exact messages. There would be several of them to make sure the message is read correctly. They face dangers every time they leave the territory, so they should be brave and willing to take injury for the sake of their pack.

This rank is for wolves that are basically a step above the term slave. They are still higher rank thank Omega, but go around running erronds for everyone in the pack, doing as told. They are submissive, but not as so as Omegas. They should be obediant and do as their told unless asked rudely ofcourse. They dont HAVE to do whats asked, but its their job to help out with whatever needs helping. For example, collect herbs for Healers.. Drag carcasses to the Freshkill pile for the Hunters.. Clean the Camp clear of bones, etc. They are like maids so to speak.

The lowest rank in the pack adult wise, these wolves are the most submissive. They are timid and eat last in group eatings. They never hunt unless instructed to, and are often unhealthily thin. They are in charge of watching over the pups when parents leave to hunt or run erronds. They are perfect for the job- gentle, kind, non-aggressive, and feircly loyal to their packmates. They sometimes teach pups of the most important things in life, and though they are often brutally picked on, are always usually bright and cheery to be around.
Omegas may mate ONCE. They usually have small litters due to their small amount of hormones they have. Their pups will be born timid Omegas, like their parents.

These wolves are inbetween the ages of 1 and 2 years old. Once they turn 2 they are no longer Whelps. They are looked after by their parents or mentor.

The wolves in the pack that are less than a year old. They are looked after by their parents or the omegas.




To view Shadowpackers- The wolves of Shadowpack- please go here. I had to put them on another website because SP was overflowing its bandwith and I dont want this website to be deleated or Frozen.

I apologise for the website link being about dinosaurs. It was a roleplay I was going to make, but decided not to. And since I ABHOR... I... I ABSALUTLY HATE Webs's new design, I decided to use and old unfinished one of mine.

I hope that that website will help you navigate through the pack better. I organized the ranks through each page, but not all of them are in order of dominance. I did the best I could. Please look to the Home page of that website, and on this page of this website to understand the ranks order of supremecy. Thanks.


The current Season is Fall Snow falls lightly at night, and on and off during the day. The leaves are beginning to fall off trees if there were any to fall off to begin with. The tempreture begins to fall as winter nears.

Breeding: YES
Birthing: NO

Hunting Status: Lera is abnormally plentiful.
Next Season- Spring
>>We have gone through 62 game 
seasons so far on this website.
That is 15.5 game years, and 5.15 years in real life<<

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4/8/13- Everyones Ages Are Up To Date

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