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Lluna (aka Jay/Kayla)
Site Owner
About Me

Karas Second Litter! <3

I play as ...
MALES: Kistu, Tratoo, Blythe, Kipser, Ice, Theiver, Ardeth, Zane, Owen, Kayne, Rayner, Keme, Dantos, Denalli, Luka, Adolf

FEMALES: Midnight, Shelia Dawn (Dawn)  , Delayne , Moarte , Atzume , Natza, Daedra, Isla, Pidgeon, AvelaHawk, ShadowVixan

Tazi (with her pups Dazan and Toka)
Vladeem (Fell) here , here, 

Deceased Characters...

Lluna, JDude, Khalla, Destiny, Kazzan, Toma, Kino, Kaya, Trixie, Angel, Natza, Jinn, Kara, Trapt, Jaro, Kamats, Thane, Samael, Jay.

About Me

Young small pup is a runt with silvery eyes and grey fur with brownish ears and white underfur and black tip on tail shy timid but if provoked can be a little vicious

Leora (Sonic)
17 years old
About Me



The flaming mane of Skyclan

"A good cat will do anything for those he cares about"



Name ;; Lionroar|| Formerly ;; Lionkit, Lionpaw


Rank ;; Warrior || Formerly ;; Kit, Apprentice


Clan ;; Skyclan || Former Allegiance ;; Thunderclan


Mentor ;; Graydove(Past)

Mate ;; N/A

Past-Mate(s) ;; Maya

Soul Mate ;; N/A

Crush ;; Skyhawk


Age ;; 12 Moons

 Gender ;; Male/Tom

 Apprentice ;; None || Future ;; None

Past ;;



Offspring ;; Flutterbird (Maya)

Siblings ;; Softwillow and Featherfall (Sisters), Silcone (Kittypet brother)

Parents ;; Thunderstrike(Father)&Whiteface(Mother)

Grand-parents ;; Brokenjay(Grand-dad)&Robinwillow(Grandma), Claw&Feather


 Description ;; With the sleak silver pelt of a Riverclanner, long legs of a Windclanner, hard paw pads of a Skyclanner, long claws of a Shadowclanner, Acute eyes of a Thunderclanner and the thinking ability of a loner, Lionroar makes an intresting warrior of Skyclan. A large golden tabby tom with green eyes.



Personality ;; A rather friendly tom. He often thinks of himself as a monster and has his own code of chivalry. As a kit, he was friendly and playful, often times then not, gettng into trouble. As an apprentice, he was hardworking, loyal, trustworthy. Now as a soon to be warrior he, is trustworthy, hard working, loyal, fercie in battle, quiet and extremly couragous.


 Major Scars ;;

Health Status ;; Healthy







Achala - Nefertari - Nadi
About Me

Achala (middle in profile picture) is a 2 year old fae, sporting a snow white coat with a black muzzle, paws, and tail tip. Her hues are a dark blue color, similar to that of her brother Nefertari's eyes.. She  isn't very talented in battle, but she is a rather skilled hunter despite hershort stature. She is prone to being fairly moody or irritable if the right conditions are met. She is also rather tactful, usually taking the time to consider what she says before she says it, especially in tight situations.  She was born a rogue, along with her two brothers, Nadi and Nefertari. She lacks parents, a mate, and puppies.


Nefertari (far right in profile picture) is a 2 year old brute. He is completely black, except for his eyes, which are a slate blue. He is identical to Nadi, his brother, in fur color. He is polite and formal. He is compassionate and thoughtful. He can be rather awkward in conversation if the proper topic is struck, or if an [awkward] silence occurs. Despite his large size, he is a skilled hunter, even when it comes to rabbits and other small vermin. He has a wide range of friends, and it isn't hard to become one of them. He is prone to being irritable and moody if the right conditions are met. He was born a rogue with Achala and Nadi. He lacks parents, a mate, and puppies.


Nadi (far left in profile picture) is a 2 year old brute. He is completely black with yellow eyes. He is extremely timid and overly shy. He carries a subtle stutter around strangers and sometimes forgets how to speak at all. Nadi carries a bad habit of getting easily overwhelmed and nervous. He tries his best but it takes patience to gain his trust and get to know him. He was born a rogue with Achala and Nefertari. He lacks parents, a mate, and puppies.

C L O S E  U P  O F  P R O F I L E   P I C T U R E


21 years old
About Me

i lik to biuld my cars and race them

Aiyana & more
19 years old
About Me

New try to be as active as i can


Gender: Female

Age: 3

description: Aiyana is a pure white husky/wolf with violet-blue eyes.

Personality: She can be hyper at times but is mostly calm and relaxed, in a moment of danger she can be quite hand as she is a skillfull fight and hunter.

History: Aiyana's mother was actually a husky her father a lone wolf. She grew up amoung humans, not finding them much of a threat but when her half sister Celeste was beaten with a stick by a human boy she attacked. But because of that choice she was chased out along with her half-sister


Gender: Female

Age: 2 and a half

Description: Celeste looks more like her husky mother then her wolf father, she is black and white with the ususal husky markings and she has bright blue eyes.

Personality: She loves to play, and is quite hyper, sometimes having a hard time taking things serious, but when she does she pays full attention to others.

History: Like Aiyana Celeste is hlaf wolf half husky, same mother different fathers. A young boy suddenly attacked her one day beating her with a stick but was saved by her sister Aiyana. Though was chased out of her human home.

About Me

16 years old
About Me

Nanook can easily move through any crowd and not be seen or heard, which can come in handy. When he wants to be heard, wolves better look out and listen to him. He is Very mysterious and strong. An Excellent hunter. Wants a mate.

About Me

Name: Chandini 



Father: Basdev

Mate: None 


Pups: none 

Chandini is a Black wolf with Golden,brown eyes. She is very entergetic but yet shy. When she likes somebody, She will do anything to protect that some one, and It is very obvious if she likes somebody. She"ll defend her pack with the cost of her life.  


Before Chandini was born, Basdev,Chandini's father, went with other pack members to war. Before he left, my mother said her goodbyes, and told him she was expecting pups.When Basdev came back, he had a bunch of scars and was near death.bu lived. Chandini's mother had her pups had her pups after he came back. But she and Basdev had a Huge fight and Basdev abandoned my mother and me. Then after a few days a Wildfire struck the forest and Chandini's Mother was killed in it. And Chandini grew up, and Chandini means moon-light, she was named it because when the moon shines on her fur it looks like the night sky.

About Me

Name: Savita

Pack: None.......I am Lone Wolf......... Looking and Hoping to join a Pack

Mate:none but im looking though.

Crush:none, But Im looking

Pups: None

Personality: im a brave and loving wolf and will fight for her furture pack but is shy infront of toms she likes....she has a sercet about her past and doesn't like to talk about inless she is up for it

Bio: has sunish-golden fur and bright amber eyes,savita means the sun, i got that name because of my golden fur and amber eye I have black on my back i did not get  this when I was born...that is my scar of the past that frames me of nothing...this is a sercet i can not tell or i may put you in danger as i am


My Mother was once Living in a Pack called Ela Pack. Ela means earth, The pack was named that because a lot of the Wolves in the Pack blended in with the World and They could adapt to different Habitat's very quickly. My mother left and had me and my brother and sister. she gave us our names "because not only what we look like but all our names mean something" she said then got killed by hunters....we when forced to live alone and one day the hunters came back but luckly did not get me or my sister and brother...the day after that we ad i fight and we all broke up so i became i loner and i dont know if they live or not so i look in the sky looking for new stars that mean my brother or sister

About Me

Calling: Daring

Lust: Dare to change it

Milestones: 2 Deadly years

Gender: Female

Luminaries: Oceanic Blue

Pelt: Ivory

About Me

name: mozart

gender: male

orientation: straight

age: six seasons or 1 1/2 years by this sites time

He is a small wolf with a big heart who beleives he can do most of anything and has tryed most of anything wich is the reason he set off from his pack.

He may be small even for his age but becaus of this hes become extreamly fast able to outpace some adult wolfs but only in short bursts.

He is a happy pup and most of the time lazy when its warm but whenever its cold out hes usualy bursting with energy.

among all things his favorit thing to do is to run it dosent matter to where or for any reason he just loves running as fast and as far as he possibly can. *wich nearly cost him his ears becaus he ran straight into a bear one of the first times he was out*

his fur is white with a grey spot on his chest as well the tip of his tail is a dark grey. his eyes are peircing blue.

as for his attude to other wolfs hes usualy jittery and distrustful but easily makes freinds.

he loves to play fight but hes quick to draw his guns if he thinks a real fight is about to happen.

Jane and Others...
About Me
My females Shyla(crush Gryffin) Lily(crush Vladimir) Belle(mate Shadowclaw,pups-lily,Shyla,Tomma,james(deceased) Sasha(mate Maone,pups-Lyla,josh(deceased),Sahara,May,Demetri) Jane(mate dragon,pregnant) Mckayla(crush Raynewind) May Sahara Lyla Saraphina(no mate) Melanie(mate-Hanaw,pups-adrian,Keme,henna,Genevieve) Mia(Mate-tornado,pups-Sif,Ian,Aaron,Kalan) Natasha(mate-none,pups-Esther,Cassandra,Ryui,Tatiana) Henna(pup) Genevieve(pup) Sif(pup) Esther(pup) Cassandra(pup) Tatiana(pup) Males Elijah(mate Ehira pups two and his mate is pregnant) Tomma(pup) Josh(deceased) Demetri(pup) Seth(mate violet) Carter(deceased) Aaron(pup) Seth(mate-violet) Keme(pup) Adrian(pup) Ian(pup) Kalan(pup) Keme(pup)

18 years old
About Me

Background - A lone wolf, the last of her forgotten pack. The rest of her pack starved to death, or died in blizzards. She is around 14 months of age and has traveled long distances to find a pack that will allow her to stay. She had been an out cast sense her pack had died off.

   She was nursed by a care taker wolf, and a most trusted friend of her mother's, for three months until the care takercould no longer support both her own body and the three month old's. The food supply for her old pack was scarce to begin with, but a major drout killed off the rest of the old pack's prey and they steadilly died of starvation. Her care taker and two other wolves decided to take her and one other pup and move further south, where the wind din't bite so strongly to their hides. They all died before she made it here.

Apperance - Any wolves or packs she had come across in the past had outcasted her for her coat. Deep black and ruff, the color puts the darkest nights to shame. She had been blamed for stealing, though she had not tried to steal even a morsal of a mouse, as she stays virtually invisible in the dark. Her coat helps her hunt oblivious prey and allows her to lurk into large herds undetected. She does not wish to fight any living thing and would rather not be a hunter. Life for her, either the smallest or the largest creatures, is precious and she only eats to survive.

   The ring clamped into her right ear, made of fools gold, was passed down wolf to wolf through her long passed family and to her by her birth mother, who died six days after she was born.

Personality - Stays alone or with open, accepting wolves. Loves rabbit and occationally eats wild berries. Loathes the taste of rat. Hates fighting and insults and keeps to herself to avoid starting them. Watches the small things around her and loves the sound the wind makes as it blows through the snow covered leaves. Loves kicking snow into the air. Loves helping wolves of any pack. Doesn't mind the laybor jobs but would rather puppy sit.

Special Ability - She can run, when in the proper health, faster then most any wolf because of her elemental control over the winds. Ever since she left her puppy-hood den, which is now collapsed by erosion and blizzards, she could bend the wind by her will to any direciton and at any time. Therefore, she can direct the winds behind her while running to give her longer, effortless bounds and out run danger. The wind also can lift her body off the ground for a matter of seconds and her record altitude is set at six feet before her paws touch the ground.

Mate - She has never had the chance to have one and is uncertain wheather a wolf would be right for her to become mates with. She has no certain feelings of love.

Pups - None but wants a female desperately.

About Me

Eclipse is (what she believes) a once beautiful she-wolf from a ruthless killing pack. She really is beautiful, but doesn't know it, and hides in a icy hard cold shell away from other, with the occasional male wiggling past her barriers and into her heart. She is very loyal and will love any mate and pups she is given and wants them desperatly, but has given up the idea of ever having a family. Her coat is of pure, coal black and she has shocking sapphire ice blue eyes that compliment her black coat. She stands tall for a wolf, but is usually an inch or two shorter than the males but a tiny bit taller than the females. She can be kind, but expect regection if you don't cut her competition.

About Me


If you want to learn more about Kii, click here!

Name;; Kii {"Kee"}

Gender;; Female

Rank;; Healer {Previous - Loner;;}

Pack;; Shadowpack {Previous - None;;}

Offspring;; None

Relationships;; Luka {Respective Alpha} 

Kin;; Blue, Rockie {Parents - deceased;;} Bane {brother - whereabouts unknown;;}

Appearence;; A slim build; slender appendages and upper body, neck, and sleek cranium. Her coat is a creamy shade of sandy peach, her lower coat stained a lighter hue, tipped with dark shades of tawny. Her eyes are two beautiful shades of blue and brown.

Personality;; This she-wolf is all-around friendly and is open to talk to anyone, even if they are not from her pack. When working, if you begin a conversation with her, she can sometimes become distracted and clumsy as a cucumber -- but most-likely she will preform with the grace of a swan. She is still learning, but is working her rump off to become noticed by the pack as a great healer, despite her non-pack blood. 
 I also will be rping as:  Scorpion {Hunter} and Snake {Hunter}.

About Me


19 years old
About Me

fireflame~ brother to lizz when i get mad i light on fire it doesnt hurt me but can hurt others im quiet and get annoyed real esyaly...and yes i had to put up with lizz as a pup

Starfire & others
About Me

Starfire-10, tan fur, green eyes, elder, Pups-Kiya, Chitaru, Kiara, Starwind, Sparks, Storm -DECEASED-

Kiara- 3 1/2, black fur, amber eyes, lead healer, Mate-Ice, Mother-Starfire, Father-Shadow, Siblings-Storm, Sparks, Starwind, Half-Siblings-Chitaru, Kiya

Starwind-3 1/2 tan fur, green eyes, hunter, Mate- Trapt, Pups-Ash, Reya, Shey, Mother-Starfire, Father-Shadow, Siblings-Storm, Kiara, Sparks, Half-Siblings-Kiya, Chitaru

Sparks-3 1/2, black fur, green eyes, hunter, Mate- Anima, Mother-Starfire, Father-Shadow, Siblings-Storm, Kiara, Starwind, Half-Siblings-Kiya, Chitaru

Storm- 3 1/2, gray fur, amber eyes, hunter, Mate-Moarte, Mother-Starfire, Father-Shadow, Siblings-Sparks, Kiara, Starwind, Half-Siblings-Kiya, Chitaru

Tornado- 5, tan fur, yellow eyes, group two lead hunter, Mate-Mia, Mother-Deceased, Father-Deceased, Siblings- N/A

Kiya- 5, gray fur, yellow eyes, loner, Mate-N/A, Mother-Starfire, Father-JDude, Siblings-Chitaru, Half-Siblings-Kiara, Storm, Starwind, Sparks

Chitaru- 5, tan fur, green eyes, loner, Mate-N/A, Mother-Starfire, Father-JDude, Siblings-Kiya, Half-Siblings-Kiara, Storm, Starwind, Sparks

Ash- 2, gray fur, blue eyes, sub, Mate-Rosabela, Mother-Starwind, Father-Stone, Siblings-Reya, Shey

1 2 3 ... 6


The current Season is Fall Snow falls lightly at night, and on and off during the day. The leaves are beginning to fall off trees if there were any to fall off to begin with. The tempreture begins to fall as winter nears.

Breeding: YES
Birthing: NO

Hunting Status: Lera is abnormally plentiful.
Next Season- Spring
>>We have gone through 62 game 
seasons so far on this website.
That is 15.5 game years, and 5.15 years in real life<<

Whats going on (Outside RP)

8/7/13- Everyones Ages Are Up To Date

4/8/13- Everyones Ages Are Up To Date

7/9/12- For the next 3 days, Amber will not be able to post in the shoutboxes due to camping. She can still send PMs, however. So keep in touch with her!

6/29/12- Lluna\I will be gone until Sunday, July 1st. Im going camping and 4x-ing! :D

6/14/12- Fathom will be gone until the 1st of July due to a vacation.

5/18/12- I have gone through and deleated all of the members that havent been rping since 2011. Those members would be: Joey, Casasha, Starstream, Nova, Embersky, Spear, Luna24, Neoko, Sasha, Kodac, MoonPaw, Blizzard, NateMace, Spring, Moonlight, lobo, Zeara, Alianna, FireFlame, Nero, and WildFire.
I have also accepted the requests for the members Felix, Gemini, Blade, Mooncry, and Halo to return to the website, so welcome back!

2/28/10- Kizze, Draken, Siri, Sindo, Chanse, Jasper, Alora and Kailiandra have been kicked off the site due to lack of roleplay. I accepted Moonlight back onto the website by their request.

2/21/10- Moonlight and lala have been kicked off the site due to lack of roleplay.

2/5/10- You will not see Lidie roleplay here anymore. She has left the site out of own free will.


  1. 10/7/12- Nytiri and FireFlame were accepted back into the website, but Bluemist, Embersky, Eon, ~|uru|~, and Bayde's memberships were deactivated due to lack of roleplay.
  2. 9/3/12-Kiara had her puppie sired by Ice! 1 male Summit and one female Sigyn.
  3. 9/3/12- I added a new section to the Pack Relationships age. You can now add music to how your character feels for another! Be it any emotion!
  4. 9/2/12- Mia had her puppies sired by Tornado! 3 males Aaron, Ian, and Kalan, and one female Sif.
  5. 9/1/12- Kara had her puppies sired by Proud! (genders, amount, etc are pending)
  6. 7/6/12-I deleated the following pages: "The Deceased and Banished" "Personal Dens" "Pack Member Relationships" in hopes to releave stress on the amount of Bandwith this website has. Those pages, aswell as the info to all of the pack members, has been moved to THIS website. You can find them there.
  7. 6/27/12-I chose a new layout for the website, aswell as revamped the The Pack page!!! If your wolf is under the "Wolves Without A Rank" Section, PLEASE PLEASE PLEAASSSEE PM me with their rank! Thank you <3
  8. 6/4/12- I added a new title to the Crushes and Mates Section. "Enamies" Come one people, yall know that it was needed ;) I also added the title "Undying Love" Enjoy.
  9. 6/4/12- The Drenegid Pack has joined Shadowpack as their Leader, Fell, has gone Rouge again.
  10. 6/4/12- Secondary Alpha ShadowHawk was shot and killed by Illegal hunters (through Helicopter) on this day. He was 3 years old.
  11. 6/2/12- Choice has died of old age and she died in her sleep, June 2nd in the morning. She was 10 years old.
  12. 5/27/12- Rosietta had her pups! An unamed pup, Chase and Verani were born today. Sadly, the unamed pup was killed and there was 1 stillborn.
  13. 5/18/12-Shey is the new lead healer.
  14. 5/15/12- Reya had her pups! Gryffin and Karo were born today! Sadly, Reya had 7 still borns :(
  15. 5/13/12- There are now more sections in the Crushes & Mates page! Check em out!
  16. 5/13/12- Midnight had her pups! Amoux, Raul, and Etenia were born today!
  17. 5/11/12- Kara had her puppies! Luka, AvelaHawk, Khalla, Pidgeon, ShadowVixan, and Adolf were born today! Sadly, Kara had 3 still borns :(
  18. 5/7/12- Belle had her pups today! Sadly, 2 out of the 4 were stillborn. However, there were 2 live pups! They are named Shyla and James.
  19. 5/6/12-The website layout has been changed. Hope it isnt too confusing! I think it is more organized this way. Enjoy.
  20. 5/6/12-Sasha had her pups! Sahara, Lyla, Mathew, and Josh were born today!
  21. 4/26/12-I have removed the Apprentice Den and the Prison and have added new hunting grounds.
  22. 4/22/12-DarkestShadow has passed away.
  23. 4/6/12-Fathom has passed away.
  24. 4/3/12-One of the elders Christine died at the age of 13.
  25. 1/1/12-The rules page has been updated.
  26. 12/30/11- Happy Halloween to all, Happy Thanksgiving -hope everyone had a fattening turkey day, and Merry X-Mas everyone!
  27. 10/30/11- Upon request, Khodi and MoonPaw have been allowed back onto the website. Actually roleplay this time or be kicked off, mmkay you two?
  28. 10/25/11- I skimmed through the members, and found 11 that hadnt been active since July of 2011 or before, and deleated them all. There were 5 members that never filled out their pages. Bluemist, Sammy,, Moonpaw, and Love-Warrior. They were all deleated. 3 New members have been accepted back onto the website- Alexandra, Casasha, and EmberSky. Welcome back! <3
  29. 7/4/11- Happy 4th of July!
  30. 2/11/11- My Puppy Le Lu is turning 3 today! Woo!
  31. 1/30/10- We have a new poll. Go under Extras (NEW!) and scroll all the way down to see the link. Copy and paste then vote!
  32. 1/30/10- Respect Alpha Lluna, Crookedstar, and Scar above all! What they say goes! I put up a place for Scarpack and Thunderpack members to hang out so they arent tresspassing on Shadowpack territory. Dont trespass! Howl at the edge of the territory so they know your there, and if they let you in great, but if they dont, leave!
  33. 1/1/10- NOTE: If an unwanted wolf refuses to leave your territroy and doesnt react to you actions, ignoor them.
  34. 1/5/10- PEACE ~~ FINALLY! We are at peace with Hell Pack.
  35. 2/7/10- Lidie made her own website for cat roleplay and invited me to be Co-Owner wich I gracously accepted. She made it 2/6/10 and it needs active players badly! Please join!
  36. 2/11/10- MY PUPPY (LeLu) IS TURNING 2 YEARS OLD! YAY FOR WEE-HOO (Our nickname for her)! She is a Bulldog Pit bull mix and is the best freiken dog in the world!
  37. 2/16/10- Lluna died. Read Below under Llunas letter for more information.
  38. 2/27/10- We have won back old Shadowpack from MoonClan! Lluna has come back to reign and well!
  39. 2/28/10- There is now an area for the MoonClan cats.
  40. 8/7/10- For those of you who dont know, Starfire is now Alpha due to the death of Lluna and Calcifer. Lluna was 14 years old and lived a long life. To visit her grave go to her old den.


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