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Lluna (aka Jay/Kayla)
Site Owner
About Me

Karas Second Litter! <3

I play as ...
MALES: Kistu, Tratoo, Blythe, Kipser, Ice, Theiver, Ardeth, Zane, Owen, Kayne, Rayner, Keme, Dantos, Denalli, Luka, Adolf

FEMALES: Midnight, Shelia Dawn (Dawn)  , Delayne , Moarte , Atzume , Natza, Daedra, Isla, Pidgeon, AvelaHawk, ShadowVixan

Tazi (with her pups Dazan and Toka)
Vladeem (Fell) here , here, 

Deceased Characters...

Lluna, JDude, Khalla, Destiny, Kazzan, Toma, Kino, Kaya, Trixie, Angel, Natza, Jinn, Kara, Trapt, Jaro, Kamats, Thane, Samael, Jay.

About Me

Young small pup is a runt with silvery eyes and grey fur with brownish ears and white underfur and black tip on tail shy timid but if provoked can be a little vicious

Leora (Sonic)
18 years old
About Me



The flaming mane of Skyclan

"A good cat will do anything for those he cares about"



Name ;; Lionroar|| Formerly ;; Lionkit, Lionpaw


Rank ;; Warrior || Formerly ;; Kit, Apprentice


Clan ;; Skyclan || Former Allegiance ;; Thunderclan


Mentor ;; Graydove(Past)

Mate ;; N/A

Past-Mate(s) ;; Maya

Soul Mate ;; N/A

Crush ;; Skyhawk


Age ;; 12 Moons

 Gender ;; Male/Tom

 Apprentice ;; None || Future ;; None

Past ;;



Offspring ;; Flutterbird (Maya)

Siblings ;; Softwillow and Featherfall (Sisters), Silcone (Kittypet brother)

Parents ;; Thunderstrike(Father)&Whiteface(Mother)

Grand-parents ;; Brokenjay(Grand-dad)&Robinwillow(Grandma), Claw&Feather


 Description ;; With the sleak silver pelt of a Riverclanner, long legs of a Windclanner, hard paw pads of a Skyclanner, long claws of a Shadowclanner, Acute eyes of a Thunderclanner and the thinking ability of a loner, Lionroar makes an intresting warrior of Skyclan. A large golden tabby tom with green eyes.



Personality ;; A rather friendly tom. He often thinks of himself as a monster and has his own code of chivalry. As a kit, he was friendly and playful, often times then not, gettng into trouble. As an apprentice, he was hardworking, loyal, trustworthy. Now as a soon to be warrior he, is trustworthy, hard working, loyal, fercie in battle, quiet and extremly couragous.


 Major Scars ;;

Health Status ;; Healthy








~Forgotton Rainface~
About Me

~I gather the pain into the broken fragments of my heart, Seeing, breathing pain though my voice as I sing in prayer for the world to being anew~

About Me

It's bramble. :P

About Me

Im 13 years old i live in the country and I LOVE cats wolves and horses oh and my pic that was midnight storm

About Me

Name: Zora

age: 6 months

gender: Male

personalty: loyal, chamring, and sometimes funny, and sometimes shy

background: zora was abandon when he was a pup until a light shined on a female wolf names knight....Knight brought in Zora when he was 2 months old...

looks: grey

mate: none but want (hold your horses)

crush: No one so far (can it be a pup crush)

pups: none but want (until i get older)

type of wolf: grey wolf

rank: ill let the alpha choose

pack: im with Knight

able to: watch,and teach

Name: Zora

age: 1 years

gender: Male

personalty: loyal, chamring, and sometimes funny, and sometimes shy

background: Fang was abandon when he was a pup until a light shined on a female wolf names knight....Knight found Fang when he was 2 months old...He thinks Knight is his real mother but he wonders where his father is. Knight never told him about his father. Fang in a mental wolf.

looks: grey

mate: none but want

crush: No one so far

pups: none but want

type of wolf: grey wolf

rank: ill let the alpha choose

pack i wish to join one

able to: hunt, fight, watch,and teach

activity: im very active so you dont have to worry but some times i wont be on due to school

17 years old
About Me

I am a 13 year old and I have been a witch for a year and become very powerful witch since then.I am part werewolf,vampire, and angel.

About Me

proud she wolf with a coat of pure black and crystal blue eyes. Has a scar over right eye from a past fight. she is confident and strong willed. clever and bold, but she can be cold and stern but when you get to know her...

has a soft spot towards pups and loves to help the helpless

has a dark past her mother and father were murderd when she was a pup. she was then raised by her aunt who a year later pased away from a unknow sickness. she has lived as a loner and has always dreamed of being in a pack but has never had much hope of ever finding one.

guardian: Craza

About Me

Knight is a strong she-wolf. Her parent never cared about her nor her brother. She we ment to be alpha in her pack but instead her brother got jelous and tried to kill her. Her father sent her out as an outcast at 9 months old. She was taught by the willd to fight and hunt. When she was one she was captured by the humans who she is now collared down. In her past 2 years she has disappearded without her pack even knowing. For her third yeah she has returned and is willing to fill in her absents. She will fight to death no matter what and she will not tolarate any disreaspect from any rank below her. If she is pushed around she will turn around and snapp at you ,she many even try to break a bone from your body. Knight's radio collar stands out from her because of her white,black,and brown pelt. Even her blue crystal eyes stand out.

About Me

i will do this later!!! :D lol

Isabelle Lakanu
18 years old
About Me

Isabelle Lakanu is a nice and friendly wolf. She loves to play and is still learing her way ;) She's 8 years old and has a lot to learn before she's ready to do anything :) I hope I have fun here! 

About Me


About Me

The Characters I RP As Are:--- Nova, Arizona, Tohru, Nahla, Ikki, Asami, Vivian, and Mako.

I keep all of my character information here:


Arizona- O or O

Arizona is a  young she-wolf, with fur of a beautiful creamy white, and eyes of a rare blue. She has a small, slim wolf gifted with great speed due to her frame. For this reason, she holds the rank of Runner in Shadowpack. She currently does not have a mate or pups, though has a brother named Haru. 


Nova- O

Nova is a strong, quick-tempered, slightly shy, and loyal she-wolf. She is chocolate brown, with black ticks down her back and tail, and a white belly. She has a silky, smooth, beautiful mane, large ears, and a thin, trimmed muzzle. She has large paws, equipped with long, sharp claws. She has calm green eyes and a feather her parents wore, and her mother gave them to her before she died. She has two long scars along her back. 

Biography(Short)- After fleeing her home pack, she arrived at Shadow pack. Here she learned to fight and hunt, found her first mate, and had 2 litters for a total of 8 pups between the two. She became Lead Warrior under Starfire, and Beta under Darkest. She left for almost a year, returning to a very different Shadowpack.


Age- 6 years

Rank- Gamma

Family- Nahla(Sister), Tohru(Niece), Yuki(Niece)

Mate- None


Litter #1 (At 2 ½ )- Vivian, Loki, Rory(deceased), Rocko, and Valient

Litter #2-(At 6 years)- Ikki, Asami, and Mako (1 stillborn)


Ikki - O

Ikki is only a pup, though she is clearly going to be an aloof wolf. She is very firendly, and has much potential. She has a creamy coat with a darker muzzle with the stunning green eyes of her mother, Nova.

Asami - O

This young she-pup already has a firey attitude, the embodiant of her mother's free spirit and love of hunting and fighting. She's bold and knows what she wants, the attidude of a warrior. She has a dark reddish-brown coat, looking very much like her mother save her brown eyes holding flecks of gold in them.

Mako- O

Mako is a quite serious. He has a habit of being too stoic, in fact, and isn't nearly as playful as other pups. He has big dreams, but he isn't very confident that he can pull it off. He has a light grey and tan coat with delicate blue eyes. Despite his attitude, he is trustworthy and has the potential to be loving and quite the charmer. 

About Me

» name sorcha

» gender female

» age one year

» alliance shadowpack

» rank tbd

» mate none

» offspring none

» personality traits tbd

» voice reference melanie martinez

- previously: lani, arisa, zahir, zora, phoenyx, jimena, lucan, schuyler.

Starfire & others
About Me

Starfire-10, tan fur, green eyes, elder, Pups-Kiya, Chitaru, Kiara, Starwind, Sparks, Storm -DECEASED-

Kiara- 3 1/2, black fur, amber eyes, lead healer, Mate-Ice, Mother-Starfire, Father-Shadow, Siblings-Storm, Sparks, Starwind, Half-Siblings-Chitaru, Kiya

Starwind-3 1/2 tan fur, green eyes, hunter, Mate- Trapt, Pups-Ash, Reya, Shey, Mother-Starfire, Father-Shadow, Siblings-Storm, Kiara, Sparks, Half-Siblings-Kiya, Chitaru

Sparks-3 1/2, black fur, green eyes, hunter, Mate- Anima, Mother-Starfire, Father-Shadow, Siblings-Storm, Kiara, Starwind, Half-Siblings-Kiya, Chitaru

Storm- 3 1/2, gray fur, amber eyes, hunter, Mate-Moarte, Mother-Starfire, Father-Shadow, Siblings-Sparks, Kiara, Starwind, Half-Siblings-Kiya, Chitaru

Tornado- 5, tan fur, yellow eyes, group two lead hunter, Mate-Mia, Mother-Deceased, Father-Deceased, Siblings- N/A

Kiya- 5, gray fur, yellow eyes, loner, Mate-N/A, Mother-Starfire, Father-JDude, Siblings-Chitaru, Half-Siblings-Kiara, Storm, Starwind, Sparks

Chitaru- 5, tan fur, green eyes, loner, Mate-N/A, Mother-Starfire, Father-JDude, Siblings-Kiya, Half-Siblings-Kiara, Storm, Starwind, Sparks

Ash- 2, gray fur, blue eyes, sub, Mate-Rosabela, Mother-Starwind, Father-Stone, Siblings-Reya, Shey

Drew Riley
25 years old
About Me

My name is Drew Riley. I am a werewolf. But I'm not a normal werewolf. You'll find out later, trust me.

About Me

*Queen Kiddu*

The shits

more: here

  • Name: Kallik
  • Gender: Male
  • Rank: Runner
  • Mate: None
  • Offspring: None
  • Description: Kallik is rather stand-offish and abrassive. He tends to be rude at best and doesn't have the most ideal personality, causing him to create more foes than friends. Aside from that he has terrible motivational skills and would rather lounge around than put effort into anything. However, once he does get going he has a strong sense of determination and can be a lot tougher than he looks. While despite his tendency to brush off most things as unimportant a ,he is extremely intelligent and knows when the moment calls to be serious however his only weak point tends to fall on social interactions in which case he just goes on instict(again which tends to end in gaining him enemies than desired)
  • Kallik is rather smaller than most males, not much larger than Mikasa who is a small enough wolf as it is. Due to his rather short size, he has developed a sort of napoleon complex that causes him to get extremely defensive when his height is mentioned. While not entirely bloodthirsty, he does like to get into fights seeing as he has been in many much throughout his like. Much like Makisa, he uses his agility and speed rather than strength in combat. 
  • Due to the loss of their pack as young pups, Kallik has a strong sense of fierce protection over Mikasa seeing as he almost lost her once in a past incident he tends not to look back on. While they do have a firm rivalry brewing between them,it doesn't tend to get in the way of their obvious affection and trust for the other. They both have rather loose social skills and tend to rely on the other the most, mostly seen hanging around the other. He acts as a sort of big bigger brother to the younger she-wolf along with the playful teasing and prodding.

  • Name: Mikasa
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: Hunter
  • Mate: None
  • Offsrping: None
  • Description: A small and petite she-wolf whose intelligence and speed make up for strength lost and is more of a brains over brawn type. She has varying degrees of brown colored fur and her eyes are a pure light blue. Her expression is usually set into a stern and calm stature making her seem a bit unnaporoachable. While she prefers to surround herself in the least amount of wolves as possible, she can warm up to others if given some persuasion to do so. Despite her and Kallik's obvious rivalry and often shared snide remarks, Mikasa cares deeply for him as a companion and the two are seldom seen without the other outside of a three mile radius. 
  • Mikasa is extremely loyal,even to a fault. Her relations with other wolves are seldom beyond simple aquaintances but when she has found someone to rely on, her trust in them may become a bit naive, tending to stick by them and in cases even hover over them. Her fierce determination to protect those she respects and trusts often times causes others to become frusterated with her(what with her constant hovering)and is one of the reasons why she tends to hesitate in whom she puts her trust in.
  •  Despite being very loyal and level-headed most of the time, Mikasa's only weak point is with pups in which she becomes rather clusmy in dealing with them. She doesn't exactly plan on having a mate let alone pups, instead focusing her time and energy protecting her pack.


Axcia Belle
About Me

Axcia Belle is a shy , calm and not agressive young she-wolf .


Forest is her favorite place and nature is her home. Axcia has a creamy color fur with 8 tails . Her fur is extremely soft and silky . She looks much like a fox but she is indeed a young intelligent she wolf . She likes being a loner / being alone in the wild , running freely. Axcia does not have a mate . Axcia's favorite color would be blue, black or dark blood red.

1 2 3 ... 6


The current Season is Fall Snow falls lightly at night, and on and off during the day. The leaves are beginning to fall off trees if there were any to fall off to begin with. The tempreture begins to fall as winter nears.

Breeding: YES
Birthing: NO

Hunting Status: Lera is abnormally plentiful.
Next Season- Spring
>>We have gone through 62 game 
seasons so far on this website.
That is 15.5 game years, and 5.15 years in real life<<

Whats going on (Outside RP)

8/7/13- Everyones Ages Are Up To Date

4/8/13- Everyones Ages Are Up To Date

7/9/12- For the next 3 days, Amber will not be able to post in the shoutboxes due to camping. She can still send PMs, however. So keep in touch with her!

6/29/12- Lluna\I will be gone until Sunday, July 1st. Im going camping and 4x-ing! :D

6/14/12- Fathom will be gone until the 1st of July due to a vacation.

5/18/12- I have gone through and deleated all of the members that havent been rping since 2011. Those members would be: Joey, Casasha, Starstream, Nova, Embersky, Spear, Luna24, Neoko, Sasha, Kodac, MoonPaw, Blizzard, NateMace, Spring, Moonlight, lobo, Zeara, Alianna, FireFlame, Nero, and WildFire.
I have also accepted the requests for the members Felix, Gemini, Blade, Mooncry, and Halo to return to the website, so welcome back!

2/28/10- Kizze, Draken, Siri, Sindo, Chanse, Jasper, Alora and Kailiandra have been kicked off the site due to lack of roleplay. I accepted Moonlight back onto the website by their request.

2/21/10- Moonlight and lala have been kicked off the site due to lack of roleplay.

2/5/10- You will not see Lidie roleplay here anymore. She has left the site out of own free will.


  1. 10/7/12- Nytiri and FireFlame were accepted back into the website, but Bluemist, Embersky, Eon, ~|uru|~, and Bayde's memberships were deactivated due to lack of roleplay.
  2. 9/3/12-Kiara had her puppie sired by Ice! 1 male Summit and one female Sigyn.
  3. 9/3/12- I added a new section to the Pack Relationships age. You can now add music to how your character feels for another! Be it any emotion!
  4. 9/2/12- Mia had her puppies sired by Tornado! 3 males Aaron, Ian, and Kalan, and one female Sif.
  5. 9/1/12- Kara had her puppies sired by Proud! (genders, amount, etc are pending)
  6. 7/6/12-I deleated the following pages: "The Deceased and Banished" "Personal Dens" "Pack Member Relationships" in hopes to releave stress on the amount of Bandwith this website has. Those pages, aswell as the info to all of the pack members, has been moved to THIS website. You can find them there.
  7. 6/27/12-I chose a new layout for the website, aswell as revamped the The Pack page!!! If your wolf is under the "Wolves Without A Rank" Section, PLEASE PLEASE PLEAASSSEE PM me with their rank! Thank you <3
  8. 6/4/12- I added a new title to the Crushes and Mates Section. "Enamies" Come one people, yall know that it was needed ;) I also added the title "Undying Love" Enjoy.
  9. 6/4/12- The Drenegid Pack has joined Shadowpack as their Leader, Fell, has gone Rouge again.
  10. 6/4/12- Secondary Alpha ShadowHawk was shot and killed by Illegal hunters (through Helicopter) on this day. He was 3 years old.
  11. 6/2/12- Choice has died of old age and she died in her sleep, June 2nd in the morning. She was 10 years old.
  12. 5/27/12- Rosietta had her pups! An unamed pup, Chase and Verani were born today. Sadly, the unamed pup was killed and there was 1 stillborn.
  13. 5/18/12-Shey is the new lead healer.
  14. 5/15/12- Reya had her pups! Gryffin and Karo were born today! Sadly, Reya had 7 still borns :(
  15. 5/13/12- There are now more sections in the Crushes & Mates page! Check em out!
  16. 5/13/12- Midnight had her pups! Amoux, Raul, and Etenia were born today!
  17. 5/11/12- Kara had her puppies! Luka, AvelaHawk, Khalla, Pidgeon, ShadowVixan, and Adolf were born today! Sadly, Kara had 3 still borns :(
  18. 5/7/12- Belle had her pups today! Sadly, 2 out of the 4 were stillborn. However, there were 2 live pups! They are named Shyla and James.
  19. 5/6/12-The website layout has been changed. Hope it isnt too confusing! I think it is more organized this way. Enjoy.
  20. 5/6/12-Sasha had her pups! Sahara, Lyla, Mathew, and Josh were born today!
  21. 4/26/12-I have removed the Apprentice Den and the Prison and have added new hunting grounds.
  22. 4/22/12-DarkestShadow has passed away.
  23. 4/6/12-Fathom has passed away.
  24. 4/3/12-One of the elders Christine died at the age of 13.
  25. 1/1/12-The rules page has been updated.
  26. 12/30/11- Happy Halloween to all, Happy Thanksgiving -hope everyone had a fattening turkey day, and Merry X-Mas everyone!
  27. 10/30/11- Upon request, Khodi and MoonPaw have been allowed back onto the website. Actually roleplay this time or be kicked off, mmkay you two?
  28. 10/25/11- I skimmed through the members, and found 11 that hadnt been active since July of 2011 or before, and deleated them all. There were 5 members that never filled out their pages. Bluemist, Sammy,, Moonpaw, and Love-Warrior. They were all deleated. 3 New members have been accepted back onto the website- Alexandra, Casasha, and EmberSky. Welcome back! <3
  29. 7/4/11- Happy 4th of July!
  30. 2/11/11- My Puppy Le Lu is turning 3 today! Woo!
  31. 1/30/10- We have a new poll. Go under Extras (NEW!) and scroll all the way down to see the link. Copy and paste then vote!
  32. 1/30/10- Respect Alpha Lluna, Crookedstar, and Scar above all! What they say goes! I put up a place for Scarpack and Thunderpack members to hang out so they arent tresspassing on Shadowpack territory. Dont trespass! Howl at the edge of the territory so they know your there, and if they let you in great, but if they dont, leave!
  33. 1/1/10- NOTE: If an unwanted wolf refuses to leave your territroy and doesnt react to you actions, ignoor them.
  34. 1/5/10- PEACE ~~ FINALLY! We are at peace with Hell Pack.
  35. 2/7/10- Lidie made her own website for cat roleplay and invited me to be Co-Owner wich I gracously accepted. She made it 2/6/10 and it needs active players badly! Please join!
  36. 2/11/10- MY PUPPY (LeLu) IS TURNING 2 YEARS OLD! YAY FOR WEE-HOO (Our nickname for her)! She is a Bulldog Pit bull mix and is the best freiken dog in the world!
  37. 2/16/10- Lluna died. Read Below under Llunas letter for more information.
  38. 2/27/10- We have won back old Shadowpack from MoonClan! Lluna has come back to reign and well!
  39. 2/28/10- There is now an area for the MoonClan cats.
  40. 8/7/10- For those of you who dont know, Starfire is now Alpha due to the death of Lluna and Calcifer. Lluna was 14 years old and lived a long life. To visit her grave go to her old den.


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